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segunda-feira, 15 de abril de 2013

Free Microsoft Points Generator

Are you looking to get some free Microsoft Points to be able to play xbox live? Then search no more, you have found the best website for it.

I'm sure you agree with us and with millions of other xbox live fans that its outrageous how much we have to pay per month just to be able to play online in our xbox, so we decided to create a generator for free Microsoft points.

What the generator does is it accesses Xbox Live Database and injects your information.
Basically when you buy microsoft points it send information to the database saying "XXX" user purchased "xxxx" microsoft points and gives you acess to Xbox Live, and this generator does the same, it injects your Xbox Live username + how many points you wish to get and then you will get the points for free!

It requires no payments what so ever , all you need to do is download the free Microsoft Points Generator then insert your username in the username tab and the ammount of free Microsoft Points you want to get, best thing is it doesn't even need your password so you don't have to be scared about your account!

Have fun with free microsft points!

Check the tab "Free Microsoft Points Generator" to get the generator!

Or just download it directly from here!